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Sprinting with More and More Money
Giving 1000 Phones Away
Bottle Head Smashing World Record Attempt!
Ages 1-100 Try My Chocolate
Spot The Hidden People For $10,000
Would You Split Or Steal $250,000?
Buy Feastables, Win Unlimited Money
The World's Fastest Cleaners
Guess The Gift, Keep It
I’m Giving My 250M Subscriber $25,000
Anything You Touch, You Keep!
Keep Track Of Car, Win $10,000
Unboxing My 200M Subscriber Play Button
I Filled Chandler’s Car With Feastables
Buy Feastables, Win $10,000
Feeding A Dog $1 vs $10,000 Steak
Could You Walk Up A Skyscraper?
I Gave Away A House On Halloween
Giving Car Keys Instead Of Candy On Halloween
Furthest Away From Me Wins $10,000
World’s Most Expensive Bed
World’s Most Expensive Coffee
$100,000,000 Bathroom
Miranda Cosgrove Said What?
I Tipped A Pizza Delivery Driver A Car
Guess The Gift, Keep It
Spot The Hidden People For $10,000
I Paid A Random Student’s College Tuition
$100,000,000 Car Doors
Extreme Home Makeover!
Katana Vs Bullet
How Many School Buses Can We Stack?
Feeding A Cat $10 Vs $10,000 Sushi
Make This Kick, Win Super Bowl Tickets
Metal Pipe Vs School Bus
Can You Beat A Girl In Arm Wrestling?
I Ate The World’s Most Poisonous Fish
I Traded My Car At a Red Light
I Buried Treasure in the Bermuda Triangle
Do Pawnshops Scam You?
I Got Naruto to Subscribe to Me
I Made An Egg Sandwich With @BayashiTV_
Would You Pet a Cheetah in Africa?
Tipping A Waitress A Car
Would you go on a Blind Date in Italy?
I Sent a Subscriber to Disneyland
Do Men Lie About Their Height?