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New upload on the second channel! 

Jakey – Pine Barrens (Wolfgang's Remix)

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Aside from Patreon, you can now also support me by becoming a Member here on Youtube!

All member tiers get:
- Early video access (usually 1 day before they get published)
- Access to members-only Matrix chat
- Special member badge
- Members-only emojis 

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New upload on the 2nd channel 

Clams Casino – Treetop (Piano Version)

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Good news – the Ansible Home Server Pt.2 is a go! 
The series has been revived thanks to a sponsor, and the second part is coming out in just a few days. 

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Reddit moment 

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By popular demand, I've just added Adguard, Unbound and DoH support to my Wireguard playbook here:  https://github.com/notthebee/ansible-easy-vpn 

Now you can set up ad blocking and secure DNS resolution for your Wireguard VPN clients

If you're already running an older version of the VPN playbook, here are the instructions on how to add Adguard support :  https://github.com/notthebee/ansible-easy-vpn/issues/66#issuecomment-1321851071 

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Considering the current clown fiesta surrounding Twitter, I want to use this opportunity to plug my Mastodon:  https://tilde.zone/@notthebee  

I'm trying to post more often there and it might be nice to have a free and open social media go mainstream for once 

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Thinking about getting back into streaming, so I'll do a little test stream tonight at  17:00  GMT (1PM EST). Will probably play Hades  https://www.twitch.tv/notthebeee/ 

Tune in so that you don't miss my pro esports gameplay: 

"Is somebody shooting at me?"

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