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I'm going to RustFest 2024 in Zurich, Switzerland! 🦀🇨🇭
During the impl Days on June 23-24th, me and Stefan Schindler will be organizing the Energy Efficiency Engineering Challenge, in which participants will be able to submit their solutions to a code problem (not necessarily written in Rust!), and see whose code is the most power efficient!

Check out this link if you want to know more:  https://eeec.rustfest.ch/ 

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How old do you think I am? Trying to see something 






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It's finally time... 

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In case you missed it, I went on the Self Hosted Show to talk about my power efficiency obsession, as well as Intel Arc and some of the stuff in the upcoming videos 😉


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I get a lot of emails from viewers who ask me to spec out a power efficient server build for them, or give feedback on parts that they picked themselves. Some people even offer money for my time, which is very nice of them. 

Unfortunately, I can’t answer those. The time, research and effort required to spec out a server build according to a specific use case is so vast, it might as well be as much effort as making a whole video. The only way for me to vet the components is basically to buy them all out of my own pocket, build the server myself and run it for some time. 

The idea of a compensation is great, but I don’t really feel qualified offering this kind of service for money.  And then there are the headaches — paperwork, contract, taxes, potential issues with the build down the line, etc. 

Sorry to anyone who’s emailed me in the past year and got no response — now you know why. 

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So the Intel Arc video is doing really well – thank you guys for the engagement!

I'm thinking about making a follow up video, since there were things that I didn't cover in the first one, such as:

- AV1 Benchmarks
- Performance comparison between NVIDIA and Intel Arc cards
- Performance during multiple transcodes 
- Impact of resizable BAR (a.k.a. CAM/SAM) on the performance
- Testing Intel Deep Link in combination with a newer Intel CPU

Would you be interested? And if yes, are there any other things you'd like to me to cover? 

Yes, make a follow up video!

No, I think you've said enough in the first video.

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I am also in this video 🌚 

What made Gabe?


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