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ChatGPT is good at many things, but it's horrible at macbook board repair. 

Whenever I talk about AI stuff, someone eventually comes in and says "you'd feel differently about AI if it were applied to you, how would you like someone showing everyone how to do what YOU do for free?"

My response is usually something like "funny you mention - a challenge I've made for myself is training an open source model on everything I know and then giving it away for free!" 

This means grabbing, parsing, and defining 18000+ terms; many by hand to ensure the data going into it isn't bullshit. Then presenting & defining terms present in every article/thread I give it, telling it who to listen to, and then giving it all to the model. It's been a side project of mine for a few months. Once the basics are done, I'd like to automate a data pipeline so it's consistently ingesting new information from sources I know for a fact are 100% factually correct because I or people I pay are providing information that I oversee. 

My goal is for the model to be able to answer 100% of the questions I can answer about Macbook board repair with useful, correct answers. and make it available for free to anyone who wants to use it. I don't mean overly general answers that are technically correct but useless like "verify functionality of power circuit" nonsense. Rather, my goal is that it provide targeted troubleshooting hints that actually allow you to fix something, that are specific to your situation.

Here's an example of how dumb this can be. See below: It gets _N right, but not _P. You gotta be really careful when using AI to do your homework for you. Sometimes it hits the ball out of the park, but if you don't check everything, it can be really confident while saying/doing something very stupid.

"USB_EXTB_N is essentially a differential data line for USB communication, typically involved with external USB ports on the MacBook's logic board.

USB_EXTB_P refers to an external USB power line, crucial for powering USB devices connected to the port."

It is very confident in saying things that are not true. Whether it's saying where a signal originates or what it does. It can't just stop at getting 

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Circa 2008. I waited for my clients in the park with a bag full of parts. Even back then, NYC rent was insane. 

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this is not overkill.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/295537086825?itmmeta=01HQEMSZJ3M5Z23FN6P4BGBTS5&hash=item44cf621169:g:GRUAAOSwxp5lz-eU&itmprp=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwLpokUUnyrFW3ijBJEPtcXklkwgqiPlR8BkBxtFwpNTUu94ChlvDtDzBvJKGCvNzPbga7aYshXh53%2BtXEgOZQ1Iph2PWpOtLyClzIiXi3XVVfV0EN7An07Kl%2BlOI0Ol7EqAy2QEUn4moSt4He%2BWWUMF63jkQUfVwXRMEpTxSAF7mYnnBwxopNQsO42F%2FW88BQUrdC0VdcmH2Oj6xJ6BV9xMvmKTsdYdawCbCV6MUOZsFsTesbQdbpoHoLUoeIvmkFg%3D%3D%7Ctkp%3ABk9SR47559S7Yw 

and if i had them, i'd connect them to my $300 amp with lamp cord! 

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Clifford Fisch is the only adult I remember having good memories of as a kid. When I was five years old, he got me my first computer, a 286 and a programming book. My mother took away the book because she didn't want me "wasting time on the computer" - and when she did, he'd get me another one! 

He was the most confidently eccentric person I ever met. It wasn't about being weird for weird's sake or wearing edgy clothes or telling dumb jokes. He had this confident aura one has when they accept they're not living up to the expectations everyone else in the room has for them, but just don't care. He owned who he was, because he knew where his value came from, and he knew who he was. Look at this picture below - he struck me as a man who would go shopping or show up to work with that hat & bowtie on, without a care in the world. Not because he wanted attention, not because it was trendy to dress anti-norm, just because.... that was him. 

Cliff's value didn't come from approval, or meeting the expectations of other people. It came from his constant pursuit of knowledge. It came from knowing how much value he had to contribute, but keeping his mouth shut, until it was just the right time to contribute in just the right way, to solve problems other people didn't even know they had. Cliff was a special man. 

He was the first person I met as a kid that made me feel normal not being the same as everybody else. He taught me the quiet, humble power in not being a cog, but rather, being your own man. 

The last time I saw him was 13 years ago. It had been 14 years before that. With a smile on his face, as if no time had passed at all, he happily exclaimed "don't forget who got you your first computer!"

I never will, man. I never will. Rest in peace good sir.


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Every day for two weeks. I know already, I know..... 

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You can have a free business phone system that shows you the status of a ticket in the callerID field if you set it up. Nothing impresses customers more than knowing exactly where their devices are in the queue within the first 2 seconds of a phone call. This guide is old as shit and doesn't cover VPNs, virtualization, etc but still somewhat relevant. 

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Bro, really? I spent $65 on a heated bed for you and this is where you sleep? ... 

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Never underestimate the satisfaction that comes from a kick of dopamine after fixing the unfixable. One of the best feelings on planet earth. I hope this channel's content over the years, and the stuff on RPG's wiki  https://repair.wiki/w/A2337_2020_MacBook_Air  helps as many people as possible feel the kick that Chris did after fixing that POS macbook. :) 

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I got this four years ago, I'm cleaning out my stuff while moving and found this in a drawer. 

These little touches meant the world. The time spent making 600+ board repair videos, staying up until 2 or 3 am to figure out the problems, film fixing them, and edit them all, before there were 100s of facebook groups dedicated to answering all of your questions around the clock and 50+ board repair channels on youtube... all worth it, when you have a drawer filled with letters like this. 

Thanks. You're what make this all worthwhile. 

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FINALLY FOUND IT! for years I said that I put up some shitty patio door on my old store at 186 1st ave because i ran out of money to put my store together properly. I replaced it with something proper 5 months later, but I never had proof of what it looked like before. 

bada bing. winter 2012. patio door.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm6ww... 

don't wait for perfection to build your dream. do it now. everyone on the block may laugh, because you might just be literally the only person in all of manhattan with a patio door to a retail store. you might just be known around the world a few short years later ;) 

I got sideeye from other businessowners, and some of my own customers for how the place looked. None of the people who did that, are people I'd trade places if given the choice to right now.