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Spent the last two days completely rebuilding our ATX case testing & reviews methodology. We actually began taking notes for this overhaul back in November of 2022, then started seriously working on it early in 2023 (which is why we paused ATX case reviews). There are a lot of massive overhauls and improvements to the testing to modernize it, introduce new types of data presentation, further improve accuracy and repeatability, and upgrade a lot of limitations of the approach that date back to 2016 on the old ATX testing methods. In fact, ATX case testing methodology was the first that I built with intent of others on the team executing on way back then, so there was a lot of room to grow. Really excited for these changes. No ETA yet on the first review to drop with it, but we will have a full long-form methodology video that'll establish and define the approach for years to come. Some quick notes on improvements:

- We are using the acoustic chamber for this! All future ATX case reviews will have acoustic testing done in the hemi-anechoic chamber. For reference, the old method for it dated back to when we were still running the tests out of a spare room in the old house!
- We've moved to a flow-through style video card and have studied its performance both blocked and unblocked to better understand the impact to CPU thermals. This seems to be the direction of most modern GPUs, along with thicker cards, so all of that is reflected in the new bench! Should help differentiate cases further.
- We are increasing the focus on noise-normalized testing, which was a bolted-on test to the old methodology that has now been fully defined and fleshed-out
- Benchmark charts now have more thermal numbers we can present. We are now logging VRM thermals, additional video card thermals, and more areas of the CPU than before. This will allow us to better itemize the impact to thermals from each case layout (for example, certain top fan configurations could benefit or hurt VRM thermals).
- Tests will be conducted with even more test passes (and better logging) now, giving more precision on the results and better error checking capabilities
- For internal use, we're improving data export and logging capabilities. As far as external visibility into that, it basically means we'll have a lot more easily accessible ways to visualize data or pull interesting results and present them for you all.
- We also have a lot of internal data for calibration of the bench over time to help avoid concerns of 'result drift' with time.

TONS more going on, but that's enough for now. This will be a work in progress for probably a month or two, but we're moving quickly on it now and putting together a methodology piece to fully define everything.

As always, the test methods are a living subject matter and will get updated with discoveries, ideas we have, and requests from the audience -- but this is a strong start that really takes what we learned from our CPU cooler overhaul and our old case reviews methods, then builds on it with massive improvements we've worked on over the many years of testing cases. Looking forward to sharing more, but wanted to give a brief preview!

Which (relatively) new cases do you want to see tested first?

Oh, we'll also do a full send-off for the old methodology when it's heading out the door! 

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Time for your input! We're preparing a big Mega Charts update for the site to include a bunch of data for GPUs and CPUs. This time, it'll include the gaming/production tests (we've already published power tests). We need help identifying older CPUs that the most people in our audience have so we can run numbers for you. We're planning to include new ones, of course, and that'll include updated testing of CPUs like the 14 series, 7000 series, the 5600X3D, 5700X (non-3D), the 12 series, etc., but we want to know what pre-2021 CPUs you all have in your computers. Let us know. It'll help us prioritize. Please vote each other up if you have the same CPU in your build as someone else.

As you all know, there are dozens and dozens of options and we want to provide the most helpful information for as many of our viewers as possible, so this will help us choose beyond the usual suspects. Thanks! 

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We're debuting some GPU power efficiency charts in our RTX 4070 Ti Super review going up today! They're similar to what we did for our Intel vs. AMD CPU power efficiency testing, except for GPU gaming. You'll get to see our first tests for FPS/watt with a handful of GPUs. Will be up shortly, so keep an eye out and check the channel. It also includes new power consumption testing for games, rather than the typical full power workload (only) that we've run. Can't wait to get this live! Cyberpunk ray tracing was also added in, by popular demand. 

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We need some help identifying the name of a machine (just the type of machine, not the brand name) for our factory tour that goes live tomorrow at 8 AM GMT-5! This factory makes fan bearings, including ball bearings and fluid dynamic bearings, and this machine cuts the metal rods to the size that'll eventually be used for the bearing housing. Can any of our machine-inclined viewers tell us the name of this style of tool? This one was lost in translation and I don't have machining experience. Thank you! 

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Heads up! We have a special lab tour for Saturday. It's a different format from the last two factory tour edits: This next one is mostly technical discussion and interviews and shows Elmor's Lab, for those of you who know the engineer / extreme overclocker. Elmor is the one who built the power measurement device we used in our Intel / AMD efficiency testing! Super educational and some really cool hardware hacks he shows in the video. Instead of the usual 8AM Eastern / GMT-5 time, we'll be publishing it later in the day. Time isn't finalized just due to all the CES hardware news coverage we're working on for next week, but we'll let you all know when it's up and you should get notifications if you have them enabled. As a spoiler, one of the things we'll look at is external clock generation for silicon components. Really fun stuff and we learned a lot visiting. Can't wait to share it with you all! 

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We're starting to ramp-up our cooler testing for 2024 and could use your input! Keeping it as simple as possible, with only the options of air or liquid, what kind of cooler are you using right now? If you have multiple PCs, choose the one your "main" PC uses. Only using these two categories as exotic solutions that fall under "other" are rare, at this point. 

I use an air cooler

I use a liquid cooler

63K votes

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The year is over, marking the arrival of our annual Disappointment PC Build video AND accompany Limited Disappointment Tour T-Shirt, featuring all the dates with a DRAM architecture "spine" in the design! This helps set us up for all our testing and educational content efforts going into 2024. What are your predictions for the best & worst hardware this year? And if you haven't seen the Disappointment intro, check it out -- there was an absolute goldmine of meme quotes from the executives of all the big silicon companies this year, all obsessed with AI. We themed the horror intro around that and had a lot of fun going back through the year. It also helps calibrate us for this year: It was crazy to think that just a year ago, almost to the day, we were ranting about the 4070 Ti being marketed as equivalent to "3x 3090 Ti" cards. 

After you check out the intro, please consider buying the new shirts to help support our efforts this year! We were able to keep the price as low as $20 on the Cotton shirt this year, despite rising material costs.

100% Cotton:  https://store.gamersnexus.net/products/disappointment-pc-2023-cotton 
Charcoal Heather:  https://store.gamersnexus.net/products/disappointment-pc-2023-heather 

As for GN's plans this year, we covered some basics at the end in the Disappointment PC. There was a lot of good hardware last year, despite the issues. The 7900 XT price dropping was a good sign as well, showing maybe capitulation of the GPU market. The cases and coolers have been excellent (and we're getting back into case reviews this year, now with a new bench!), and also on the positive side, the CPU market has been overall really strong. Arc also improved significantly. It's not all bad, but there was still plenty of it. The entire team here is really excited to jump back into heavy reviews rotation. We have a ton of stuff lined-up after a month or so of just reconfiguring everything. And the factory tour educational series will also continue this Saturday!

Thank you everyone for watching and for your support this past year. Our #1 objective going into 2024 is to bring more educational content into the pipeline to accompany the in-depth reviews (which we're increasing this year as well). And the website will likewise get another big update to Mega Charts very soon! You'll hear about that in the next HW News!

Thank you all. We wish you all a strong 2024. 

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Filming our last video for this year! Intro is going to be a little crazy. 

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Our next factory tour mini-doc is done and rendering now! This one shows RAM frequency binning, automatic memory overclock binning and robotics, memory manufacturing in SMT lines, and testing / burn-in of high-end RAM. This one is a huge contrast to metal or chemical factories and instead gives a close look at how PC component manufacturing and automated assembly typically works, with the entire focus being on how RAM is made. Goes live TOMORROW (12/30) at 8AM EST/GMT-5. 

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New thumbnail & timestamp treatment! To celebrate the recent launch of our newest season of educational & entertaining Factory Tours, we're also going back to older ones that you may not have ever heard of! Back when we were much smaller -- and when I had a WAY different hosting style -- we did a ton of tours of similar computer part manufacturing plants. We're going back through and adding timestamps & chapters (which weren't a feature back then!), updating titles, and updating the thumbnails to our modern style. A lot of you may not have known who we were back when we posted these, but the videos still give some awesome access to component manufacturing processes. Check out our Anodizing Factory Tour!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8JG6...