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Apparently a lot of channels are having this issue right now. We just thought we were more special to YouTube than this. Do they know we know Linus
Heeey and did you hear about floatplane.com where this video is already live? haha yeah 

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You may have noticed our channel disappeared earlier this week. 
Good news: It wasn't hackers 
Bad news: It was YouTube
YouTube's security system detected one of the hacker's videos on our channel (the video was set to Private but it hadn't been deleted). They reinstated our channel in under an hour after being flagged, and we're told they're working to prevent this from happening to any other channels who experience a hijacking.

So really, the bad news is kind of good news, and you just got clickbaited lol gottem 

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Music on the last two episodes was a bit loud. Sometimes we just want to jam out a little, sorry that got in the way of you "hearing what Riley is saying" or whatever. 
We'll turn it down for the next one, MOM 

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They actually lost $500 on my Xbox Series S because I didn’t buy one

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will be premiering face reveal (of the tech news) later today, stay tuned 

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The Solution: don't pre-order 

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How long should TalkLinked episodes be? 

~10 min

~15 min

~20 min

~25+ min

I will not watch TalkLinked and you can't make me

132K votes

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this thing. whatever you're doing here. stop this 

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ICYMI: We're hiring! 

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The Right: Elon will polish the turd ✨
The Left: Elon will make the turd worse 💩