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Just to remind you all that live streams are going to continue on Rumble and on robbraxman.locals.com starting tonight Jan 4, 2024. This will start at 8pm Pacific Time. Regular shorter videos are unaffected and continue as usual on Youtube. 

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I've tried this 3 times now. Every time I make a video mentioning Jigsaw, I see that the YT Algorithm stops sharing the video outside of my subscriber base. I'm not making any accusations, just an observation. This is why these topics generate initial interest and then suddenly the traffic to the video stops. 

Sweeping Google Searches to Find Suspects?

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I'm planning on doing live streams on  https://robbraxman.locals.com/ , perhaps instead of Youtube. Not certain yet. But you can start joining over there and it is a place where I can make comments that I would not do on this censored platform. It's free. 

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This video has some practical implications that I need to explore further and we will discuss it in the live stream. The facts laid out here are staggering to realize. BUT my next live stream will be on Friday Sept 16 (not the usual Thursday this week). 

Your Mobile is Leaking Location! A-GPS, SUPL, NLP to Google (and Apple) - Cybersecurity

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Is Youtube suppressing this video? It appears to be a top video that wasn't fed by YT to non subscribers. Shadow banning? Why? What does YT have at stake in CDBC? 

Digital Dollars. Brace Yourself! It's Coming!

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Interview I did with David Bombal! 

Is Skynet watching you already?

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I am interested to see the demographics of my subscriber base. Please help me understand. Thank you. Tell me what kind of viewer you are. 

Non-Techie/Casual User

Somewhat Techie User

Geek User

Tech Pro

Cybersecurity Pro

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We just had a big earthquake here in Southern California so just reminding everyone that being prepared is a great feeling!