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How we made the Galaxy S23 Ultra Intro at @TheStudio ! 

Can an iPad Control Our Camera Robot?

The Studio

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WELCOME to the Blind Smartphone Camera Test (Scientific Edition)  https://vote.MKBHD.com/ 

The social media polls were fun, but this one will be WAY more scientific πŸ€“ You'll be shown side-by-side photos from 16 cameras, and the site we've built creates a power ranking (ELO score) in the background. You pick winners until a statistically significant champion emerges

The phone names will be revealed in a video soon!

Let the games begin! 


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8-bit drip drop ->  http://MKBHD.com/ 

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Hoodie szn  ->  http://MKBHD.com/ 

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This was a fun one. Thanks  @WIRED  for having me!

PS: The white void is huge. It took me hours to find the chair. 

Marques Brownlee Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


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Lowkey more interesting than Samsung's phones this year is the Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro. Best believe I see all your comments about the watches. Maybe we wait til the new Apple watch comes out in September and do a head-to-head comparison? πŸ‘€

The full hands-on:  https://youtu.be/JuWF9G6SSi0 

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Of course it’s matte black everything at the MET Gala 😎

Also if you're wondering - yes, there's some tech in there:  https://youtu.be/ANqTRjKJLR8 

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Fellow creators, YouTubers and video nerds: This one's for you!  http://mvfx.co/tt/mkbhd 

Honored and excited to drop my own plugin for Final Cut Pro, Resolve and Premiere - It's made a ton of my editing MUCH faster and better, and now it's all packaged in 1 place! 

mKBHD β€” Ultimate Channel Toolbox Designed with MKBHD β€” MotionVFX


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