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We heard you loud and clear. In response to your comments on today’s video, we’ve uploaded an additional video containing content that was cut from the main edit, where Linus tries the influencer drinks. We've taken note of the community's feedback and will use it to improve our processes for these sorts of things.
Here's the link:  https://youtu.be/kMY5-X8aGvw 

Linus tries Influencer Drinks


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As you may have noticed, we have privated the AYANEO Slide video.

It turns out it does have a touchscreen, but the unit we were sent did not, nor is it mentioned anywhere on AYANEO's website. We’ll be changing up the video to reflect this new knowledge! 

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Shout out to  ‪@harrydang9‬   and everyone else who commented to help solve the issues Linus faced as a new Pixel user! They said it was impossible to teach an old dog new tricks... 

Check out Linus' thoughts on the new Pixel 8 and 8 Pro in our latest video! 

10 months ago • ShortCircuit

In case you missed it, all Linus Media Group channels have paused video production -- including ShortCircuit.

We’re currently taking this time to address production issues that can result in errors in videos, among other concerns brought up by the community. We will be continuing regular production on Wednesday, August 23rd and you'll see uploads shortly after.

Appreciate your patience during this time. 

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Probably one of the coolest box for a PC case 

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Alex needed his scroll of knowledge for today's video. 

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🎵Blinded by the light🎵 

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Is there anything more dangerous than an Alex with a screwdriver? 

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Find someone who'll look at you how Dan looks at today's product.